Martopia Review

Martopia heroines as a whole

Hi, it’s been a long time since I started another review. I was kind of busy with work nowadays so I do not really have a chance to do one, but now I am going to start a new review, which is a game from Side-B.  Continue reading


Gin: Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyojin Review

Soushi the main casts in one photo Harumitsu swag

Hello guys! This is my review for the latest eroge made by Light, Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyojin (相州戦神館学園八命陣, Soushuu for short). This game was released pretty recently, like late February this year. (And while playing this game, your chuunibyou powers somehow awaken.) Light has also made many action-packed eroges before this like Electro-Arms and Zero Infinity, and they are also very good. Continue reading

Gin: Mote sugi de Shuraba na Ore Review

Motesugi Die please Hayato


Hi, this is my review on the game called Mote sugi de Shuraba na Ore, meaning ‘I am too Popular that I got into a Mayhem’, which is later abbreviated to Motesugi. This game is made by Praline, which is one of the many subsidiaries under the company called Willplus, which also played a part in making this game. 

Continue reading

Gin: Twinkle Crusaders Review

Twinkle Crusaders OMG ITS MAOU


Hello, and this is the review that I will be doing, Twinkle Crusaders. This game started way back, like year 2008, old but still good. It is made by Lilian which is a subsidiary to a main company called Pencil. (Apparently Pencil is also a big company which has other eroge companies such as Aries and Boot Up!) Continue reading